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The CAPITAL Centre organised and supported a wide variety of extracurricular projects and events that develop, demostrate and apply ideas of kinaesttheric and open space learning to enhance the curriculum. These were initiated by CAPITAL's Fellows in Creativity and Performance, Artists and Playwrights in Residence. Please follow the links above to find information and feedback about them.

Projects were welcomed from members of the University which tested or implemented the principles of the CAPITAL Centre that the arts and practices involved in making theatre are closely allied to those that foster the best in many dimensions of teaching, learning and the development of transferable skills. The projects aimed to demonstrate an approach to teaching and learning that emphasises the arts of imagining other minds, role-play and improvisation, trust and teamwork.

Examples of topics are:

Pedagogical research

New creative writing

Theatre design and technology

Workshop-based performance projects

Fostering interdisciplinary and interorganisational links

Developing production/performance ideas