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HEFCE Final Evaluation Report

This page contains the text of the CAPITAL Centre's Final Evaluation report, submitted to the Higher Education Funding Council for England in March 2010. The purpose of this report is to reflect on the work done by CAPITAL towards the end of its five-year funding period. The report is meant to provide HEFCE with information about what has been acheived and what the value of the CETL scheme has been, especially the impact the CETL has had in its institution, subject area and wider community, including outside the UK.

HEFCE is adopting a staged approach to the final evaluation of the CETL iniative. This will consist of four parts

  • Self-evaluation reports submitted by CETLs (spring 2010)
  • Synthesis of self-evaluation reports (summer 2010)
  • Longer-term evaluation of impact (2011)
  • Summary publicaton, focusing on evaluation results and case studies (2011-12)

The main text of the report can be accessed here and Appendices here.