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Podcast Series

Reading the Obect

15:40, Wed 22 Apr 2009

Professor Carol Rutter on how to read a theatrical archive.

(MP4 format, 24:30, 114 MB)


Bottom Transformed

16:00, Tue 21 Apr 2009

Professor Carol Rutter discusses the transformation of Bottom

(MP4 format, 17:18, 135 MB)


The Witches Workshop

15:12, Tue 21 Apr 2009

Jonathan Heron talks about his workshop on the opening lines of Macbeth.

(MP4 format, 10:37, 55 MB)


Re-performing Performance - an introduction

10:31, Tue 14 Apr 2009

Professor Carol Rutter introduces the concept behind re-performing performance.

(MP4 format, 3:00, 24 MB)