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Footsbarn's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream at Warwick Arts Centre, June 2008



In late June 2008, Footsbarn Theatre company returned to Warwick Arts Centre, after more than two decades, with Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The performance took place outside on Tocil Field, in a large circus style tent. Throughout Footsbarn's stay, The CAPITAL Centre archived the production with Research Associate Jonathan Heron recruiting an undergraduate research team. Part of the challenge was to create an alternative set of theatre records, documenting the audience's experience as well as the practitioners' reflections. The information adopts a wide array of formats, from interviews with company members, to drawings by children who attended the peformance.

These pages contain selected material, in a variety of media, representing the range of the resources.
Further material is available at 'Browse the Resources'
Name Description
The Performance Video segments of the performance
Warwick Arts Centre Information relating to Footsbarn's visit to Warwick
Footsbarn Theatre Information relating to the experience of performing
Audience responses Information relating to the experience of the spectator
Shakespeare's Globe Footsbarn's 'Shakespeare Party'
Further information Links to related websites