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Workshop plan

19th & 20th February 2008

Designed and delivered by Jonathan Heron

Workshop plan at a glance:


Folio image projected on wall

Whole group circle – vocal warm up (using the text from Macbeth)

Repeat after me / move with text / return to circle

What is the effect of this process?

What is the text? What happens to the text in performance?


Count into groups of three – tableaux task

One still image showing opening image of production

Present and evaluate images


Distribute and discuss the laminated images

Slideshow of archival images through projector

Performance and interpretation

Representations of the witches

The ‘world’ of the play/production

How can you use the archival material to re-examine your process?


Return to groups to re-rehearse image

Whole-group work-in-progress


Project text clearly on screen

Groups to combine image and text and perform the scene


Performances alongside film screenings


Groups to re-examine process and re-present work


Practical groups to evaluate process, images, film and text