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Social Networks: Exploring and Visualising with Gephi

Do you want to learn a new skill in this Spring Term? Network analysis offers an interesting way of exploring and visualising networks between social, economic, and political actors.

Social Networks: Exploring and Visualising with Gephi

In this workshop, we explore how to use the Gephi software to visualise and understand a 17th Century network. We will explore the network and consider what the patterns in the data suggest. You are encouraged to prepare for the session by reading the links from the Workshop Web Page, but this is not essential if you do not have time beforehand.

This workshop will be led by Dr Godwin Yeboah and Dr James Tripp (of the newly formed Information and Digital Group Technology for Research; they are also part of the Centre for Digital Inquiry).

Please read more (and register if interested or share) using the following webpage.