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Special Publications Related to ECCS 09

There will be the opportunity to publish some of the research presented at ECCS'09 in topical issues of the following journals:

  • Theory in Biosciences
    Guest editor: Markus Kirkilionis

  • Advances in Complex Systems
    Guest editor: Colm Connaughton

  • Networks and Heterogeneous Media
    Guest editors: Stefan Grosskinsky and Robert Mackay

  • European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems
    Guest editor: Holger Kantz and Fatihcan Atay

  • Environment and Planning B : Planning and Design
    Guest editor: Jeff Johnson

    These journal issues are separate from the open call for contributions to the conference. Invitations to publish in these journals will be made in advance to selected contributors by the appropriate track chairs. It is important to note that papers contributed to these topical issues will be fully refereed in accordance with the procedures of the relevant journal and will have to meet the required standards of these journals in terms of scientific quality and content.

    Authors interested in publishing their papers in one of these topical issues should signal their interest to the appropriate track chair.