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Public Session on Global Problems

Date and location: Monday 21 September, 7:30pm - 9:30pm, Theatre of the Arts Centre, University of Warwick.

A successful event during ECCS'09 was "The Complexity of Global Change" public session.

The round table discussion explored the links between the necessary global economic changes triggered by a newly emerging global financial system, general globalisation, the need for technological innovation, improving unemployment, and long and medium time scale global factors like demographical changes, the loss of biodiversity, global food production and climate change.

The panel discussion was video recorded by a Warwick film team and is available via the Warwick iTunes U channel. See the Warwick insite news or the direct link to iTunes U.

The panel discussion on global problems is supported by the ASSYST FP7 Coordination Action in the area of complex systems. The panel discussion can also be viewed

via the ASSYST video archive.

We are currently planning a continuation of the panel discussions on global problems during ECCS'10.

The ECCS Global Problems Panel Discussion Series has now a new home at



Members of Discussion Round Table:

Markus Kirkilionis (Introduction)


David Delpy (Chair)

Michael Batty (Cities)

Peter Cox (Climate Change)

Michael Dawson (Biodiversity)

Armin Haas (Financial Systems and Climate Change)

Holger Kantz (Complexity, Predictability and Rare Events)

Bob Meyers (Sustainability & Technology)

Adam Staines (Food)

+ the audience.