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EmergeNET3: Emergence and Networks

Thursday 24 September 2009

EmergeNET3: Emergence and Networks focuses on a key element of complex systems theory, that of networks, and explores their role in understanding emergent phenomena. Networks can be used to represent the links between elements of a system, and therefore provide a structure for understanding emergence. But network structures themselves can also emerge. EmergeNET3 is aims to discuss and develop these ideas in a broad range of application areas from the sciences to the social sciences and beyond. We welcome your participation!

Invited Speakers

- Professor Jim Crutchfield, Complexity Sciences Center, University of California.

- Dr Yves Demazeau, CNRS Research Fellow, University of Grenoble.

- Professor Alan Winfield, Bristol Robotics Lab, UWE Bristol.

- Dr Yasmin Merali, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick.


Session 1/ 09:00-10:00
20 min. Opening Address - Lee Cronin, Rebecca Mancy, Yasmin Merali, Cristina Cerulli
40 min. Jim Crutchfield - Is Anything Ever New?
Session 2/ 10:30-12:30 / Emergence in social sciences and linguistics
40 min. Yasmin Merali - Emergence and Persistence
20 min. Jean Boulton - Complexity and emergence
20 min. Matthijs Westera - Relevance-driven cognition and the emergence of linguistic structure
20 min. Thomas Hills - The Associative Structure of Language and the Longitudinal Development of Early Semantic Networks
20 min. Michal Paradowski - Dissecting chefspeak with a toothcomb
Session 3/ 14:00-16:00 / Social and biological networks
20 min. Jorge Louca - Detecting emerging structures in informal communication networks
20 min. Pietro Cipresso - Physiologically driven affective agents in simulated networks
20 min. Thimo Rohlf - Emergent network structure, evolvable robustness and non-linear effects of point mutations in an artificial genome model
40 min. Yves Demazeau - Organizational dynamics in agent based systems and applications
Session 4/ 17:00-19:00 / Networked robots
40 min. Alan Winfield - Modelling emergence in wirelessly networked swarms of mobile robots
EmergeNET Business Meeting
EPSRC showcase poster session + Reception


Pedro Pablo (University of Hull) Emergent product-service systems in one non-hierarchical community

Torbjorn Dahl (University of Wales, Newport) Self-organising division of labour

Andrés Véjar & Ivan Gomez-Castano (UMR, CNRS-UHP Nancy & Universidad de Antioquia, Columbia) Reparation as an emergent process in metabolic networks

Massimiliano Zanin & Andrés Véjar (INNAXI Foundation & Research Institute and UMR, CNRS-UHP Nancy, France) The Emergence of Transportation Networks

Irina Neaga & Michael Henshaw (Loughborough University) Developing an adaptive and interoperable metasystem for assuring information security within a highly complex networking environment

Daniel Morrison (University of Glasgow) Understanding and Communicating Emergence

Any last-minute changes to the timetable will be posted at