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Information, Computation and Complex Systems


The workshop date is September 24th 2009 (approx. 9:30-17:30)


Session 1/ 09:00-10:00
40 min. Kristian Lindgren - Information-theoretic quantification of order and disorder
20 min. Robin Ball - Complexity vs emergence: Quantifying emergence in term of persistent mutual information
Session 2/ 10:30-12:30
40 min. James P. Crutchfield - The past and the future in the present
40 min. Susanne Still - Interactive learning
20 min. Joseph T. Lizier - Coherent local information dynamics in complex computation
20 min. Alexander Gegov - Advanced modelling of complex systems by rule based networks
Session 3/ 14:00-16:00
30 min. Mario Rasetti - Information science at the boundary between quantum and living matter
30 min. Nils Bertschinger - Dynamics and information: Memory in recurrent neural networks
20 min. Daniel Polani - Empowerment: Guiding adaptation through potential information flows
20 min. Eckehard Olbrich - How should complexity scale with system size?
20 min. Karoline Wiesner - Measures of complexity and information erasure