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Statistical Mechanics of Molecular and Cell Biology


Sept. 23rd, 2009

Satellite Meeting of the European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS09, Sept. 21-25 2009)

Complexity Science Centre and DTC, University of Warwick, UK.


The ECCS09 Satellite meeting, "Statistical Mechanics of Molecular and Cell Biology" (Sept. 23rd, 2009), is to be held as a major event within the European Conf. on Complex Systems (ECCS09, Sept. 21-25 2009) at Warwick University. The idea of the satellite is to highlight new developments and challenges in such an important research area within the broader context of ECCS09.

As detailed high quality experimental data are becoming available today, Statistical Mechanics has a key role in the development of quantitative approaches to describe Biological Systems, providing the theoretical background for the physical description of interacting many-body systems. Our satellite aims to cover new developments and challenges in such a rapidly growing interdisciplinary research area. It will also provide a unique opportunity to participate to the ECCS09 broader context and its other related topical satellites. It will bring together researchers working in disciplines ranging from biology, to chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics and physics.


8:50 Welcome

8:50 M. Caselle "Feed-forward loops in the human regulatory network"
9:15 C. Lesieur "Protein oligomers: a good example of complex Interaction Networks"
9:40 J.-F. Joanny "Mechanics and growth of tissues"

10:05 Coffee break

10:30 U. Gerland "Statstical Physics of Nucleosome Positioning"
10:55 R. Zecchina TBA
11:20 M. Howard "Probing a mechanical bottleneck in FcgR phagocytosis by imaging and mathematical modelling"
11:45 C. Molina-Paris "Stochastic modelling of T cell diversity"
12:10 M. Nicodemi "The cis-regulatory space of Myod1"

12:35 Lunch

14:00 M. Cates "Dynamics of Bacterial Suspensions"
14:25 D. Marenduzzo "Modelling soft active matter: bacterial fluids and actin networks"
14:50 T. Duke "Force generation by actin polymerization in protruding lamellopodia"
15:15 A. McKane "Amplified Biochemical Oscillations in Cellular Systems"
15:40 A. Gamba "Universal features of cell polarization processes"

16:05 Coffee break - Posters

17:00 M. Mobilia "Oscillations in evolutionary models with co-dominant dynamics"
17:25 T. Liverpool "From microscopics to hydrodynamics in active filament suspensions"
17:50 M.H. Jensen "Feed-Back Networks and Oscillations in Time and Space"


The Meeting date is Sept. 23rd, 2009, 8:50-18:30. Venue: Room MS.04, Math Building (Zeeman Bldg) on campus at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK (same site of main ECCS09 conference). How to find us (includes bus and train). Campus maps


Posters will be highlighted as very important contributions to the meeting (as it is just 1day long only a very limited number of talks is allowed). Here is the submission form. Priority will be given to those submitted by 29/5/2009. The poster session will take place in the main hall of the Math building (Zeeman bldg) on campus during the conference.


Participants need to be registered with the ECCS0 main meeting (e.g. £75 for one day only, lunch etc included).

There is no additional charge for the satellite meeting itself: please register here to the satellite.


For any further enquiry or expression of interest, please contact the organizers (M.Mobilia '- at -' and M.Nicodemi "- at -" or the main conference co-ordinator at eccs09 "- at -"


R.C. Ball, R. MacKay, M. Nicodemi (Warwick), M. Mobilia (Leeds), P. Sorba (Annecy)


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