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Complexity Science in Business, Industry and Government

January 17 2011

Room D1.07, Centre for Complexity Science, Zeeman Building, University of Warwick

Organisers: Colm Connaughton (Warwick Mathematics Institute and Centre for Complexity Science) and Yasmin Merali (Warwick Business School)

Sponsored by EPSRC (Pathways to Impact)

Aims and Objectives

This one-day meeting between Warwick Centre for Complexity staff and students and representatives of non-academic "end-users" of complex systems research aims to facilitate further transfer of Warwick’s expertise in Complex Systems beyond the academic sphere. It will take place on January 17th at the Warwick Centre for Complexity Science. The aims of the workshop are as follows.

  • to explore further opportunities for future collaborations between Warwick Centre for Complexity Science and external agencies.
  • to give Warwick graduate students in Complexity Science a better insight into how their skills are relevant to business and industry.
  • to identify the most appropriate mechanisms to follow up Complexity MSc projects done in collaboration with external agencies.



  • 10:00-10:15 Introduction to Complexity Science at Warwick - Prof. Robin Ball, Director Complexity Science Doctoral Training Centre

  • 10:15-10:30 Mathematical aspects of robotic control - Robert MacKay and John Thornby (Warwick Mathematics Institute)

  • 10:30-10:45 Error correction codes for high performance data storage devices - Oleg Zaboronski and Oliver Hambrey (Siglead Europe)

  • 10:45-11:00 Facilitating industry-academia collaboration at the national level - Vera Hazelwood (Industrial Maths Knowledge Transfer Network)

  • 11:00-11:30 Coffee break

  • 11:30-13:00 Complexity science challenges: how are complex systems relevant to industry and business? Discussion groups with PhD and MSc students
    • Group 1 : e-Security
    • Group 2: Systems chemistry
    • Group 3: Complexity and logistics in manufacturing
    • Group 4: Natural Complexity: Applied Systems Science and the Environment
    • Group 5: Telecommunications
    • Group 6: Networks, social media and marketing
    • Group 7: Industrial ecology
  • 13:00-14:30 Lunch and poster showcase of complexity research at Warwick

  • 14:30-15:30 Panel discussion : PhD careers in business and industry - Alain Dunoyer (JLR) , Gianfranco Unali (Unilever), Keith Briggs (BT), Nick Watkins (BAS), Vera Hazelwood (Industrial Maths KTN)
  • 15:30-16:00 Coffee break

  • 16:00-17:00 Round table discussion: future challenges and opportunities in academic-industry collaborations in complexity science.
  • 17:00 Wine and nibbles in the complexity common room