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Discussion groups

Group 1 : E-security

Leader: Michael Goldsmith (WMG e-Security group)

Group members:

Barons, Martine
Luo, Jamie
Hadjipantelis, Pantelis
Graham, Matt
Sprague, Daniel
Bullimore, Sharon

Group 2 : Systems Chemistry

Leader: Gianfranco Unali (Unilever UK) and Alexei Lapkin (Warwick School of Engineering)

Group members:

Webb, Tristan
Hill, Steven
Caudron, Quentin
Robinson, Leigh
Passi, Hemant
Cioli, Claudia

Group 3 : Complexity and Logistics in Manufacturing

Leader: Alain Dunoyer (Jaguar-Landrover) and Juergen Branke (WBS)

Group members:

Peremezhney, Nicolai
Ali, Adnan
Langham, Rebecca
Rana, Anas
Moir, Joanna
Casati, Filipo
Batta Quintero, Erasmo

Group 4 : Natural Complexity: Applied Systems Science and the Environment

Leader: Nick Watkins (British Antarctic Survey)

Group members:

Jones, Peter
Barker, Daniel
Morales, Sergio
Miller, Adam
Lovisolo, Alexander
Collyer, Ben

Group 5 : Telecommunications

Leader: Keith Briggs (BT Research)

Group members:

Chleboun, Paul
Diakonova, Marina
Chau, Yu-Xi
Oates, Chris
Irvine, Michael
Garcia Del Molino, Luis
Shoraka, Babak

Group 6 : Networks, social media and marketing

Leader: Lorraine Dodd (Centre for Systems Studies) and Duncan Robertson (WBS)

Group members:

Woolcock, Anthony
Brand, Sam
Peavoy, Daniel
Ong, Marcus
Nitsch, Simone
Newton, Adam
Mousavi, Mostafa

Group 7 : Industrial Ecology

Leader: Rachel Lombardi (National Industrial Symbiosis Programme)

Group members:

Harris, Jamie
Porter, James
de Mendonca, Pedro
Tucker, Alistair
Feng, Qingyi
Broome, Helen