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Summer School 2012: Complexity and Inference

Summer School on Statistical Inference, Information Theory and Applications in Complex Systems

Warwick Mathematics Institute

Warwick Centre for Complexity Science

14-16 May 2012

Organisers: Colm Connaughton (Warwick Mathematics Institute and Warwick Centre for Complexity Science) and Nick Watkins (British Antarctic Survey)

Statistical inference and information theory provide invaluable tools for quantifying the complexity of natural and socio-economic systems and making predictions about their behaviour based on observations. This summer school will introduce these subjects with particular emphasis on their applications in Complexity Science. It will be suitable for MSc and PhD students in Complexity Science, Statistics, Physics and Mathematics.

This summer school will be followed by a two-day research workshop Aggregation, Inference and Rare Events in the Natural and Socio-economic Sciences which is likely to be of interest to many participants in the school. Participants are therefore strongly encouraged to attend both (a separate registration required for the workshop however).

Short courses

  • Prof. Cosma Shalizi (Carnegie Mellon University): Chaos, Complexity and Inference
  • Dr. Dalia Chakrabarty (University of Warwick) : Inverse Learning in Complex Systems using Statistical Inference
  • Prof. Kristian Lindgren (Chalmers University) : Information Theory for Complex Systems

Programme and course materials

A draft programme of the lectures can be found here.

Deadlines and registration:

You can register for this event here. (Please scroll down until you find the appropriate event and click the "continue" button.)

Due to restrictions on the room capacity, this meeting is limited to 80 participants. Registration will close on Friday Apr 16 or sooner if we reach capacity.