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CO907 Learning Outcomes


(By the end of the module the student should be able to....)


Which teaching and learning methods enable students to achieve this learning outcome?

Which assessment methods will measure the achievement of this learning outcome?

(a) Subject knowledge and understanding

Students should have a practical working knowledge of Correlation, Spectra, filtering.


They should be able interpret Fractals and scaling structures.

They should be able to initiate and evaluate Correlation, coherence and complexity measures.


Lectures; Classwork including in groups/teams, plus feedback; problem solving and feedback; directed reading; private study.



Oral examination;

Problem reports;


(b) Key Skills

Team working and collaboration, Problem Solving



Classwork, reading & especially group work


Group and Problem reports;

Oral examination.

(c) Cognitive Skills

Judgement of experimental data




Class & group work


Problem reports, oral examination.

(d) Subject-Specific/Professional Skills

Students display initiative in extracting Signal from unpredictable data.





Classwork, groupwork.


Problem reports;

Oral examination.