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Group Project Expectations

We want YOUR answers to some of the questions on the briefing page based on your critical analysis of the tabulated data. Graphs and iterpretation expected, with indicators of confidence. Of course it is also interesting to know whether literature sources agree, but a purely review based submission will not score a PhD progression mark.

Asking for help: as a group (or on behalf of the group) you are welcome to seek help, and the more you have discussed and crystallised the issue the more help you are likely to get. As an individual, you should be discussing with the group first except perhaps on issues to do with relating to the group.

Progress meetings: Very much for you to air issues/problems for guidance. However I will be noting the extent of both coordination and progress. Will not count separately for credit, although it will inform how the final group report is assessed.

Final report: a properly formatted and slide-based presentation. Up to 20 minutes for the whole group if we have four groups, or 30 minutes if we only have three.

In all cases an indication should be given as to who has worked on what.

Marking Criteria (in light of Final Report):

sub-categories by sector


Extraction and re-plotting of data.

Interpretation of significance: averaging and error bars.

Analysis for correlation and/or model fitting. Quantifying significance.

Evidence of initiative


Organisation of material

Clarity of figures and interpretation

Comparison with Literature

Conclusions and Discussion


Shared strategy

Task allocation & co-ordination

Sharing knowledge and results

Agreeing next steps and conclusions

Group total/60  

Any individual adjustment (e.g. if non-participating or disruptive)


Individual total/60