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2012/13 miniproject assignments


Notes: Slot-1: March 18 to June 17 (June 24 for EM1, July 1 for EM2)
  Slot-2: June 17 to September 16




Name Slot Supervisor Co-supervisor Title
Federico Botta
slot-1 Dr. Tobias Preis (WBS) Prof. H. Eugene Stanley (Other) Quantifying Financial Market Time Series
slot-2 Paul Davies, Chris Firth (Thales UK) Thomas House, Colm Connaughton (Maths) Completion of sub-projects in complex engineering projects
Sam Bilson
slot-1 Yulia Timofeeva (Computer Science)

Calcium-induced calcium release in neurons
slot-2 Thomas Hills (Psychology) Natural Language Processing and Early Language Acquisition
Elizabeth Buckingham-Jeffrey
slot-1 Frances Griffiths (WMS)
Thomas House (Maths)
Migration and health in rural South Africa
slot-2 Karen Bradley, Steven Wyatt (NHS)
Tom Nichols (Stats) Aligning Predicted and Actual Maternity Services
Chris Deeks
slot-1 Keith Briggs (BT)
Bo Chen (WBS)
Networks of Q-learners
slot-2 Kevin Wallace (Thales UK) Abhir Bhalerao (Computer Science) Area surveillance and target tracking
Gwilym Enstone
slot-1 Penelope Hancock (Biological Sciences)
Leon Danon (Mathematics) Network modelling of Tuberculosis dynamics: transmission hotspots and Welsh pubs!
slot-2 Dr David Quigley (Physics)
Dr Michael Tildesley (Maths) Optimal control of zombie outbreaks on structured grids
Edward Hill
slot-1 Dr Michael Tildesley (Maths)
Thomas House (Maths)
Multi-host modelling of influenza A
slot-2 Frances Griffiths (WMS) Thomas House (Maths) Social networks and health
Neil Jenkins
slot-1 Rob Cross (WMS)
Stefan Grosskinsky (Maths) Brief encounter: traffic dynamics of crowded molecular walkers
slot-2 Philip Felton (Mercedes F1)
Juergen Branke (WBS) Race Strategy in Formula One
Diana Khoromskaia
slot-1 Stefan Grosskinsky (Maths)

Fluctuations in non-Markovian TASEP
slot-2 Gareth Alexander (Physics)
  Active drops and interfaces
Joel Nicholls
slot-1 Stefan Grosskinsky (Maths)
Adnan Ali (IAS)
Expansion as a source of diversity
slot-2 Dr David Quigley (Physics) Dr Bart Vorselaars (Physics) Sampling disordered chain configurations in models of organic crystals
Thomas Rafferty
slot-1 Alexandros K. Karlis (Physics)
Matthew Turner (Physics), Charo I. Del Genio (Maths)
Political Evolution
slot-2 Paul Chleboun (IAS)
Stefan Grosskinsky (Maths)
Attractive transport, urn models and condensation
Jonathan Skipp
slot-1 Gareth Alexander (Physics)
Controlling defects with electric fields
slot-2 Bogdan Hnat (Physics)
Sergey Nazarenko (Maths) Non-linear waves, vortices and solitons in two-dimensional plasma turbulence models.
Bernd Taschler

slot-1 Tom Nichols (Stats)   Classification of Multiple Sclerosis Patients From Geometry of White Matter Lesions
slot-2 Sylvester Rozario (WMG) Christopher James (WMG) Brain-Computer Interface: Determination of Neural Activation Patterns during Imagined Movements to Optimise Performance
Chris Windsor slot-1 Dr. Tobias Preis (WBS)
Prof. H. Eugene Stanley (Other) Quantifying High-Frequency Financial Market Time Series
slot-2 Adam Michael Johansen (Stats)
Optimal Derivative Hedging a Monte Carlo Approach
EM 1 projects        
Merve Alanyali
slot-1 Dr. Tobias Preis (WBS)
Dr. Helen Susannah Moat (Other) Quantifying the Relationship between Financial News and Market Behaviour
Clio Gonzalez Zacarias
slot-1 Yulia Timofeeva (Computer Science) Michael Tildesley (Mathematics)
Stochastic ion channel gating in dendrites
Hakim Khalifi
slot-1 Jerker Denrell (WBS)
Chengwei Liu (WBS) An evolutionary model of competition and imitation
Ramon Martinez Mayorquin
slot-1 Magnus Richardson (Systems Biology)
  From single neuron dynamics to emergent spatiotemporal states in
Martin Perez-Guevara Truskowski
slot-1 Christopher James (WMG)
Sylvester Rozario (WMG) Exploring BCI paradigms for augmented reality applications
Michal Tadeusiak
slot-1 James Amor (WMG) Christopher James (WMG) Detecting Short Time-Duration Physical Activity Through Statistical Modeling of Accelerometry Data


EM 2 projects

Prince Osei
Supervisor: Thomas House, Deirdre Hollingsworth (Maths)
Title: Comparison of Monte Carlo Network Imputation and Multitype Probabilities for Epidemic Inference in Household Models

James Newling
Supervisor: Sach Mukherjee (NKI), Tom Nichols (Stats)
Title: Joint Sparse Graphical Model Estimation