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2013/14 miniproject assignments


Notes: Slot-1: March 17 to June 16 (June 23 for EM1, June 30 for EM2)
  Slot-2: June 18 to September 15




Name Slot Supervisor Co-supervisor Title
Alex Bishop
slot-1 Samik Datta (Maths)
Matt Keeling (Maths)
Mathematical modelling of disease spread in honeybees: American foulbrood in the UK
slot-2 Thomas House (Maths)
Matt Keeling (Maths) Approximate clustered epidemic networks
Robert Eyre
slot-1 Frances Griffiths (WMS)
Thomas House (Maths)
Social networks and health

Gareth Alexander (Physics)

Interactions Between Colloidal Knots in Liquid Crystals
Conor Finn
slot-1 Kristian Lindgren (Chalmers)
Bogdan Hnat (Physics)
An information-theoretic approach to decomposing
information in cellular automata
slot-2 James Sprittles (Maths) Duncan Lockerby (Engineering) Multiscale Modelling of Liquid Drop Collisions - 2
Janis Klaise
slot-1 Dwight Barkley (Maths)

Thomas House (Maths)

Charo I. del Genio (Maths) Properties of extremely heterogeneous networks
Jason Lewis
slot-1 Charo I. del Genio (Mathematics) Thilo Gross (External) Size distribution of ecological niches
slot-2 Matthew Turner (Physics)

Topological models of swarming
Sam Parr
slot-1 Steve Alpern (WBS)
Bo Chen (WBS)
Amalgamating Personal Information Through Sequential Voting
slot-2 Mike Tildesley (Exeter)
Peter Dawson (Physics) The role of cattle markets in disease transmission
Michael Pearce
slot-1 Juergen Branke (WBS)

Evolving Control Rules for Complex Systems
slot-2 Ben Graham (Stats)

Gradient descent algorithms
Jeremy Reizenstein
slot-1 James Sprittles (Maths)
Duncan Lockerby (Engineering)
Multiscale Modelling of Liquid Drop Collisions - 1
slot-2 Ben Graham (Stats)   Recognizing characters by their rough-path signatures
James Skinner
slot-1 Alfonso Jaramillo (Bio)

Computational design of RNA-based oscillatory circuits in living cells using Monte Carlo methods
slot-2 Richard Savage (SysBio)

Getting the most from molecular cancer data using unsupervised feature learning
Jessica Talbot
slot-1 Stefan Grosskinsky (Maths)
Anne Straube (CMCB)
Modelling Cell Crawling
slot-2 Matt Keeling (Maths)

Infectious disease transmission in schools
Jeroen van Lidth de Jeude
slot-1 Juergen Branke (WBS) Suzy Farid Integrated Capacity Planning and Portfolio Selection for Biopharmaceutical Production
slot-2 Suzy Moat (WBS)
Tobias Preis (WBS)
Predicting university applications with online data
EM 1 projects        
Elena Kochkina
slot-1 Patrick Unwin (Chemistry)
Kim McKelvey (Chemistry) Data Analysis and Processing in Video Rate Electrochemical Scanning Probe Microscopy
Catalina Obando
slot-1 Juergen Branke (WBS)
Evolving Control Rules for Complex Systems
Alvaro Perez Diaz
slot-1 Nishal Ramadas (Physics)
Gareth Alexander (Physics) Ultrasonic sensors: From analytical modelling to design optimisation and validation
Ana Victoria Ponce Bobadilla
slot-1 Yulia Timofeeva (CS)
  Dendritic calcium waves
Yuping Ren
slot-1 Charo I. del Genio (Maths)
Complexity of musical patterns
Diana Sifuentes Munch
slot-1 Anne Straube (CMCB)
Cell shape and cell motion
Iryna Sivak slot-1 Andrew Stuart (Maths)  

Bayesian Inverse Problems


EM2 projects

Merve Alanyali
Can Flickr Activity Give Insight into Protests?
Supervisor: Tobias Preis and Suzy Moat

Menglong Fu
Non-equilibrium Steady State in the Lorentz channel
Supervisor: Alexandros Konstantins Karlis

Zhenji Lv
Financial Hedging System in a volatile environment
Supervisor: Jonathon Knuppel (from JLR)

Veronika Siska
Founder control in influenza
Supervisor: Matt Keeling