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2014/15 miniprojects assignments

Student Project Supervisor Co-supervisor 1 Co-supervisor 2
Jack Binysh Computational design of RNA-based oscillatory circuits in living cells using Monte Carlo methods Alfonso Jaramillo (Life Sciences)    
Katherine Broadfoot Measles Epidemics in Vaccinated Populations Matt Keeling (Mathematics & WIDER) Mark Temple (Public Health Wales) Peter Brommer (Engineering)
Henry Charlesworth Molecular modelling for optimum design of Lukasz Figiel (Warwick Manufacturing Group) David Quigley (Physics)  
Neil Foster Large scale dynamics in interacting particle systems Paul Chleboun (Mathematics) Stefan Grosskinsky (Mathematics & Centre for Complexity Science)  
Tajhame Francis Inter-area Oscillations in the GB electricity network Robert MacKay (Mathematics & Centre for Complexity Science) Ben Marshall (National Grid)  
Matthew Groves Evolving Control Rules for Complex Systems Juergen Branke (Warwick Business School)    
Joseph Hilton Weakly Transmissible Diseases Matt Keeling (Mathematics & WIDER) Ian Hall (Public Health England)  
Arthur King Extracting the Individual from the Crowd Matthew Turner (Physics & Centre for Complexity Science)    
Zhangdaihong Liu Study of infection rates after cancer therapy and its correlation with long term survivals. Paul Moss (Birmingham Cancer Sciences) Daniel Ray (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Rich Savage (Systems Biology Center)
Giovanni Mizzi Understanding Medellín’s Education System through Data Analysis and Modelling: On the Path to Innovation Javier Cuervo (Polymaths) Ivan Gomez (Polymaths) Emma Uprichard (Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies)
Iliana Peneva Biomarker-stratified design of cancer clinical trials Deepak Parashar (Systems Biology Centre)    
Gerasimos Politis MHD-induced free surface waves in a rectangular vessel Petr Denissenko (Engineering) Alex Pedcenko (Coventry)  
Gian Lorenzo Spisso Modelling the pricing behavior of retail firms Matthew Turner (Physics & Centre for Complexity Science)    
Esther Wershof Future of medicine Markus Kirkilionis (Mathematics)    


Erasmus Mundus M1 projects

These will take place from March-June. These students will not continue to PhD study.

Student Project Supervisor Co-supervisor 1 Co-supervisor 2
Natalya Bondarenko Optimizing Job Scheduling on Multicore Computers Dr. Ligang He (DCS)    
Jacopo Credi Modeling competitive tumour progression Jean-Baptiste Cazier (Birmingham Cancer Sciences) Sabine Haeurt (Bristol) Anne Straube (Warwick Medical School)
Sneha Gandhi The Self-Learning Intelligent Car Of The Future Ben Graham (Statistics & Centre for Complexity Science ) Thomas Popham (Jaguar Land Rover)  
Edward Korveh Role of Calmodulin in Controlling Vesicular Release Probability Yulia Timofeeva (DCS & CEntre for Complexity Science)    
David Pardo The Network Structure of Language and Early Language Acquisition Thomas Hills (Psychology)    
Lusine Shirvanyan Railway delay statistics and modelling Keith Briggs (BT) Ben Graham (Statistics & Centre for Complexity Science)  


Game theory with viruses and the spontaneous evolution of cooperation Alfonso Jaramillo (Life Sciences)




Erasmus Mundus M2 Projects

These will take place from January-June. These will not continue to PhD study.



Project Supervisor

Co-supervisor 1

Co-supervisor 2

David Akinyemi

Barrier Options and PDE's Larbi Alili (Statistics)



Erich Andrag

Audio Source Seperation through the use of a Restricted Boltzmann Machine

Ben Graham (Statistics & Centre for Complexity Science)



Anna Keuchenius

Innovation in the Creative Industries: a two mode network analysis uncovering diffusion patterns of a new music genre Jonathan Cave (Economics)

Abhinay Muthoo (Economics)


Maria Koroliuk

Smart Fleets Colm Connaughton (Maths & Centre for complexity Science)

Roozbeh Pazuki (L&A)


Alexander Kovrig

Application of ergodic theory to neuroscience imaging data Jianfeng Feng (Statistics)



Jan Rombouts

Mathematical modelling of cell cycle dynamics in yeast Todd Young (Ohio University)

Todd Young (Ohio University)

Matthew Turner (Physics & Centre for Complexity Science)