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Prospective Supervisor talks

Below is a list of talks by prospective supervisors which we will hold in the Complexity Common Room.

Supervisors: as a Warwick member of staff you can 'sign in' (top right) and then select 'edit' (top right) to insert your name in the grid. Don't forget to close out your edit ("publish") and check the result. If you want to show slides, this is easiest if you bring your own laptop (a projector is available).

Note that due to clashes with students' optional modules the time of these meetings has changed recently to Wednesday 10am.

If you cannot make Wednesdays and would like to present at a different time please contact S dot W dot Grosskinsky at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Wednesday... time supervisor research area or project title
Jan 19


Jan 26


10:10 Anne Straube Strategies to explore and distribute in space: persistent migration, spontaneous and contact-induced turns of human epithelial cells on 2D substrates
  10:20 Nasir Rajpoot Modelling the cell migration patterns
Feb 04
10:50 Frances Griffiths Exploring pathways through depression: analysis of a 5 year cohort study of people living with depression
Feb 02
10:00 David Quigley
Partial disorder in lattice models of crystal growth


Feb 09
10:00 Silvester Czanner

Modelling of behavioural changes of human embryos in very early stages of their development

Feb 16 10:10 Juergen Branke
Efficiently identifying the best system via sampling (Multiobjective simulation optimisation + Identifying optimal parameter settings)
  10:20 Thomas Popham Camera based terrain surface recognition

  10:30 Duncan Lockerby

Bridging the molecular-continuum divide: multi-scale modelling of flows in nano systems

Feb 23 10:10 Till Bretschneider Developing new tools for 3D analyses of cell migration
  10:20 Christopher James
Behaviour Analysis of C. Elegans; Bluetooth Encounters; Brain Computer Interfacing
  10:30 Abhir Bhalerao GPU Accelerated Calculation of Minkowski Functionals from Volumetric Data
Mar 2 10:10 Ian Guymer/Mike Chappell

Developing Deconvolution: Challenges of including unsteadiness and bifurcations

  10:20 Juergen Branke
1. Efficient Global Optimization for Dynamically Changing Problems; 2.Evolution of Hospital Management Policies
  10:30 Dalia Chakrabarty
Modelling the Milky Way
  10:40 Nathan Griffiths

Tag-Based Cooperation in Dynamic Networks