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Prospective Supervisor talks

Below is a list of talks by prospective supervisors which we will hold in the Complexity Common Room.

Supervisors: as a Warwick member of staff you can 'sign in' (top right) and then select 'edit' (top right) to insert your name in the grid. Don't forget to close out your edit ("publish") and check the result. If you want to show slides, this is easiest if you bring your own laptop (a projector is available).

If you cannot make Wednesdays and would like to present at a different time please contact S dot W dot Grosskinsky at warwick dot ac dot uk.


Wednesday... time supervisor research area or project title
Jan 11 11:00 Layi Alatise Electrothermal Modelling of Power Semiconductor Devices for Renewable Energy Conversion
Jan 18 10:00 Thomas House Area: Epidemiology, Networks, Population models
Jan 25 10:00 Gavin Bell Monte Carlo modelling of nanocluster growth on graphene
  10:10 Leon Danon Collective behaviour in social systems: phones and schools and rock'n'roll
Feb 01 10:00 Christopher James Neural Engineering/ behaviour monitoring
  10:10 Christopher James Neural Engineering/ behaviour monitoring
Feb 08 10:00 Rob Cross brief encounter: traffic dynamics of crowded molecular walkers
Feb 15 10:00    
  10:10  Juergen Branke Multiobjective Simulation Analysis / Evolving Dispatching Rules for Parallel Machines
  10:20  Juergen Branke Efficient Global Optimization for Dynamically Changing Problems
Feb 22 10:00  Arne Strauss/Dong Li (Avis) Demand Unconstraining in the Car Rental Industry (joint project with Avis Europe)
  10:10  Thomas Hills The Evolution of Personality/The Evolution of Extremism
  10:20  James Harte Measuring complexity in EEG in response to speech stimuli
Feb 29 10:00 Stuart Moore (National Grid) Optimising Gas Engineer Locations
  10:10 Stuart Moore (National Grid) Optimising Gas Engineer Locations
March 7 10:00