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MSc Applying and Deadlines

The main programme of the Doctoral Training Centre consists of four-year long integrated Masters+PhD training, which starts every year at the end of September.

If you would like to apply for a place on our programme (with or without funding), then please see how to apply on the Graduate School website, or apply now via the online application form. Next start date of the programme for potential applicants is Monday 22nd September 2014

PhD Only (F3P5) applicants: find Complexity Science under "research". Please note that you must submit a PhD research proposal for this application, and advise of any members of acadmeic staff you may have approached as potential PhD supervisors. The Centre as a rule does not accept a large nukber of PhD only applicants for study, but occasionally applicants who have applied with either the MSC in Complexity Science Training, or equivailent training from another institution may be able to gain entry onto the PhD only course. We are also not usually able to offer EPSRC funding for PhD only applicants.