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DIMAP - Experts in Discrete Mathematics and its Applications

DIMAP has experts in many areas of discrete mathematics and its applications. General topics of interest within DIMAP are described on our Research Topics web page, and some of the detailed specialisations and multi-disciplinary interests of our core team are listed below.

If you would like to work with us, please contact us at or directly with any of the experts.

Bo Chen (Warwick Business School)

Prof. Bo Chen has been working in the area of optimisation since 1984. His main expertise lies in the development of efficient and effective algorithms for combinatorial optimisation problems (such as scheduling, facility location, network design, etc.), in which one looks for an optimal solution among usually exponentially many possible alternatives. He has worked in various projects with organisations such as EUROCONTROL (the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), British Airways, the High Court, Rio Tinto, Barclays Bank, IBM, and Coventry City Council. He currently heads the Operational Research & Management Sciences (ORMS) Group of Warwick Business School.

Artur Czumaj (Computer Science)

Prof. Artur Czumaj's research interest is in the area of the design of algorithms and data structures. He has expertise in a variety of topics related to algorithmic aspects of game theory and economics, network design, fast algorithms for massive dataset problems, efficient algorithms on texts, and distributed algorithms.

Vladimir Deineko (Warwick Business School)

Dr. Vladimir Deineko's research is on algorithmic aspects of the problem solving process, with the main focus on the analysis of efficiently solvable cases of hard optimisation problems, such as the travelling salesman problem and quadratic assignment problem; design and implementation of exact and approximate algorithms for combinatorial optimisation problems: vehicle routing, scheduling, bin packing, etc. He has thirty years of teaching and research experience in a variety of cultural environments; formerly associate professor at Dnepropetrovsk University, Ukraine, and invited researcher at the University of Technology, Graz, Austria. Participation in consultancy projects related to problem solving in industry, commerce, and the public sector.

Nalan Gulpinar (Warwick Business School)

Dr. Nalan Gulpinar's current research focuses on decision-making under uncertainty with applications to performance engineering and finance, worst-case design, and risk management. In particular, she is interested in modelling and optimisation of stochastic systems, performance analysis of queuing (telecommunication and wireless) networks and robust router design and process systems. She is also working on mission planning and decision making problems arising in military applications.

Marcin Jurdzinski (Computer Science)

Dr. Marcin Jurdzinski does research on formal techniques for modelling and algorithmic analysis of computational systems. His expertise includes applications of logic in automated verification of computational systems (e.g., model checking of hardware and software systems), modelling and algorithmic analysis of real-time and probabilistic systems (e.g., modelling and optimization of timed automata and Markov decision processes), and optimal controller synthesis (e.g., using two-player stochastic and real-time games).

Vadim V. Lozin (Mathematics)

Dr. Vadim Lozin's area of expertise can be generally characterized as combinatorics with emphasis on structural and algorithmic graph theory. He also has strong interest in Boolean functions and mathematical logic.

Mike Paterson (Computer Science)

Prof. Mike Paterson's interests are in data structures and algorithms. He has worked particularly in the areas of sorting, selection, string algorithms, computational geometry, and scheduling. He has been a consultant for IBM (Almaden), Xerox PARC (Palo Alto), and AT&T Labs (Florham Park).