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Thu, Jan 11, '18
16:05 - 17:00
Aad van Moorsel, Newcastle University

Awaiting Abstract.

Wed, Jan 17, '18
14:05 - 15:00
Sebastian Stein, University of Southampton
Wed, Feb 14, '18
14:05 - 15:00
Tim Roughgarden: How Computer Science Informs Modern Auction Design
Room to be confirmed

Tim Roughgarden, Stanford University

Abstract: Economists have studied the theory and practice of auctions
for decades. How can computer science contribute? Using the recent
U.S. FCC double-auction for wireless spectrum as a case
study, I'll illustrate the many answers: novel auction formats,
algorithms for NP-hard problems, approximation guarantees for simple
auctions, and communication complexity-based impossibility results.