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WMG Pitching Event

On Monday, January 16th, WMG held a pitching event for their Innovation and Entrepreneurship students. Funded and supported by Warwick Enterprise though the Innovation 23 campaign. The competition was created by Dr Ali Ahmed and the IAE team to encourage students to develop highly impactful project ideas that which could become successful businesses.

The event was a great success, the judges were impressed by the quality, creativity, and innovative potential of the presentations. The top three students were: Annisa Nindyaningrum, who pitched a Med-Tech concept, Waranpas Lohavattanakul, who pitched a fast fashion rental company, and Salma El-Rufai, who pitched a renewable technology broker.

The judges were particularly impressed by the winner, Annisa Nindyaningrum, her Med-Tech concept leveraged AI to nudge patients with chronic conditions toward positive behaviours that would improve their outcomes. All of the panel felt that this was a viable concept which had huge market potential.

After the pitch, we spent some time speaking with her and she expressed that she is "delighted and feel challenged by myself at the same time. Being chosen as the winner of the business pitching creates a new challenge for me to realise this idea. Because I believe that if I try harder, I'll be able to obtain the right resources that I needs, one of which is by making good networking. From the first time I submitted a business idea, I tried to find ideas that were currently being highlighted, namely the combination of healthcare and technology. And I'm grateful that what I had planned was able to make this idea well received”. We are very excited to support her with this idea going forward!

If you are interested in Warwick Enterprise can help you, please visit our website We have a variety of resources that will support you in exploring, developing and launching your venture!