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COP26 - Innovation Challenge Hosted by NatWest and The University of Warwick

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Sustainability and Climate Change - Innovation Challenge

For Higher Education & Further Education Students

Tuesday 2nd - Thursday 4th November, 5-7.30pm and Tuesday 9th November

Online via Zoom

***Registration Deadline: 5pm, Monday 1st November***

It’s the defining battle of our generation and the next. Whilst Climate Change and terms like ‘climate crisis’ are nothing new, our fight for the planet is in a crucial phase and it’s important that everyone’s thoughts, ideas and efforts are considered. That’s why NatWest are delighted to be hosting our Climate Challenge in collaboration with The University of Warwick! Calling on material from the bank’s Business Builder programme, this bespoke, interactive challenge will deal with real world climate challenges and you, in teams of 5 will create, develop and pitch viable business solutions to these challenges. Not only will you be working at the coal-face of climate innovation, you’ll also go through key entrepreneurial skills like business modelling, pitching, team building and leadership.

The climate innovation space is beginning to explode – it’s an exciting and challenging space and we’re so excited to get going with you. To make things interesting and to simulate the ecosystem, your teams will be in competition with one another to be crowned the most sustainable, impactful and implementable solution.

Don't miss out register now, with an exciting £1,000 prize fund* on offer for the best idea/s. The event and prize are kindly supported by Warwick Institute of Engagement which supports the University’s core purposes of Research and Education. Part of the prize has also been kindly contributed by Sustainable Cities Global Research Priorities which unites researchers in tackling pressing global issues.

Registration for this event is completely free and open to any student from any Higher Education and Further Education Institution, we welcome students from across all disciplines! Climate Change affects us all, so we need everyone to get involved. Whether you’re a geography, arts, business student, you just need to be passionate about the planet!

Sign up today here:

To get a flavour of what’s to come click HERE.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to effectively construct creative, realistic solutions to complex problems
  • How to create robust, validated, customer-led business models
  • How to commercialise new innovations and take them to market
  • How to construct, write and deliver a great 60-second pitch

* Event and Prizes kindly supported by Institute of Engagement, The University of Warwick

This event is one of many exciting events that form the ESRC Festival of Social Science

We also have an exciting COP26 - Climate Creative event that will be taking place on campus.