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About Warwick Enterprise

Our commitment

Enterprise and entrepreneurship are not just about starting or running a business. They embody a set of transferable skills that are integral to the experience of every student, and that are sought after by a broad range of graduate employers, from banks to law firms to tech companies to charities.

An entrepreneur might be a world-famous billionaire, the owner of a small business, a campaigner for renewable energy, or an anonymous philanthropist.

We want our graduates to make proactive, positive and responsible contributions to society.

In short, we want them to:

Be enterprising – develop the skills they need to generate and develop ideas
Be entrepreneurial – apply their skills to real-world problems

Enterprise Education

The enterprising mind-set is evident in all our achievements. Enterprise Education at the University of Warwick occurs through our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, but also through extra-curricular activities initiated by both students and staff.

Student enterprise has become a fundamental and expected part of the student experience in all higher education institutions, as attested by Lord Young’s 2014 report, Enterprise for all: The relevance of enterprise in education and the QAA’s 2018 guidance on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education.

Universities are measured on Enterprise Education through the National Student Survey and the Graduate Outcomes Survey. They ask students to consider how well their higher education has developed their ‘enterprise capability’.

Recruiters are increasingly looking for ‘entrepreneurial graduates’, so we have a responsibility to embed these skills and values into all levels of our student provision.

What are Enterprise and Entrepreneurship?

Enterprise is:

  • Creative and innovative
  • Confident and energetic
  • Risk-aware and decisive
  • Communicative and collaborative
  • Versatile and determined

Entrepreneurship is:

  • Attentive to user needs
  • Aware of market forces
  • Strategic and flexible
  • Intent on the creation of cultural, social or economic value

The Warwick Enterprise Partnership

Warwick Enterprise has brought together representatives from across the university to facilitate Enterprise Education.

This exciting new partnership enables diverse groups to engage in collaborative and mutually beneficial dialogue, and to enhance the student experience (for both current students and graduates).

The WEP incorporates the Students’ Union, professional networks like WEPN and Minerva, social enterprises like Enactus, and a wide range of academic and administrative departments.

Listen to Warwick Enterprise Partners’ views on Enterprise Education at the University of Warwick:

Learn more about the Warwick Enterprise Partnership