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Discourse Analysis Advanced Training Session

Held February 2012

This event introduces the concept of discourse and the main approaches to discourse analysis. It also locates discourse analysis in the broader context of the philosophy of social science. The session will be interactive and participants will analyse and discuss a policy text.

Suggested pre-readings:

  1.  J. Milliken, ‘The Study of Discourse in International Relations: A Critique of Research and Methods’, European Journal of International Relations 5(2) (1999), pp. 225-254.
  2.  D. Howarth and Y. Stavrakakis, ‘Introducing Discourse Theory and Political Analysis’, in D. Howarth, A. Norval, and Y. Stavrakakis (Eds) Discourse Theory and Political Analysis: Identities, Hegemonies, and Social Change (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2000).
  3.  D. Howarth, Discourse (Buckingham: Open University Press, 2000).
  4. G. O Tuathail and J. Agnew ‘Geopolitics and Discourse: Practical Geopolitical Reasoning in American foreign policy’, Political Geography, 11(2) (March 1992), pp.190-204

For further details please contact Dr Nick Vaughan-Williams, PAIS:

Please note there is now only limited availability on this session. Please email if you wish to book a place.