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Researching Gender Through Quantitative Methods

This event is currently postponed

Can quantitative approaches be productive for gender focussed research design? This workshop is open to students who wish to understand more about the potential of quantitative tools and techniques for feminist and pro-feminist inspired research.

The aim of the workshop is to explore the contributions of quantitative approaches through current research that is focused on

(a) inequalities in unpaid household labour (Dr Tracey Warren, University of Nottingham); and

(b) social network analysis of feminist music groups (Ms Susan O’Shea, Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis and Social Movements Group, University of Manchester).

The session is open to researchers of any methodological persuasion and discipline and does not presume any advanced forms of statistical knowledge.

This event will be led by Professor Christina Hughes (University of Warwick) and Dr Rachel Cohen (University of Surrey).

Lunch will be provided at this event.