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One-day Interdisciplinary Conference

14 June 2019

University of Warwick, Coventry

Funded by ESRC-DTC Warwick and Social Theory Centre (University of Warwick)

The Third Culture? // Literature and Sociology

9:00-9:30 Registration (Corridor H.58-H0.60)

9:30-9:50 Welcome (Room H0.51)

9:50-11:30 Panel 1: The Social World through Literary Representation (Room H0.51)

          • Ferdinando Spina (Università del Salento, Italy):

      “The judge's freedom: Reflecting on the novel Porte Aperte by Leonardo Sciascia”

              • Luca Benvenga (Università del Salento, Italy):

          “Modernism between Sociology and Literature”

                  • Charles Turner (University of Warwick, UK):

              “From Balzac to Bauman: the problem of social types”

              Chair: Katja Laug (University of Warwick)

              11:30-11:45 Break

              11:45-12:45 Keynote address 1: "On sociology and literature. An unusual bond?" (Room H0.51)

              Prof. Mariano Longo (Università del Salento, Italy)

              12:45-13:45 Lunch (Graduate Space - Humanities Building, 4th floor extension)

              13:45-15:15 Parallel Sessions

              Panel 2a: Social Identity and Literature (Room H0.58)

                          • Vera Hanna (Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brazil):

                      “Memoir and new nomadism: as with language, so with culture”

                          • Katja Laug (University of Warwick, UK):

                      “Bourdieu and literature – Aesthetic politics and the case of Cormac McCarthy”

                              • Vasistha Bhargavi (RGM College of Engineering and Technology, India):

                          “Asif Currimbhoy’s The Refugee: Between inclusion and exclusion

                          Chair: Erika Herrera Rosales (University of Warwick)

                          Panel 2b: Sociological and Literary Heuristics (Room H0.60)

                                  • Jessica Stritch (University of Warwick, UK):

                              "Engaging with history and ourselves: the intersections of sociology and literature”

                                          • Paul Woods (Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK):

                                      “Urban viscosity in East Asia: Reading short fiction with Zygmunt Bauman”

                                      Chair: Christine Emmett (University of Warwick)

                                      15:15-15:45 Coffee break

                                      15:45-17:15 Panel 3: The Poetics of Sociology (Room H0.51)

                                              • Jack Palmer (University of Leeds, UK):

                                          “The sociologist as writer: The essayistic and the exilic in the work of Zygmunt Bauman”

                                                  • Dominika Partyga (London School of Economics, UK):

                                              “Nietzsche’s seducer: Experimenting with ‘Poetics of Sociology’”

                                                      • Rowan V. Jaines (University of Sheffield, UK):

                                                  “The art of sinking into the gap; the value of metonymy and metaphor in analysis of social meaning”

                                                  Chair: Piermarco Piu (University of Warwick)

                                                  17:15-17:30  Break

                                                  17:30-18:30 Keynote address 2: "Literature as Social Criticism: Verse in motion in South Asia" (Room H0.51)

                                                  Prof. Virinder Kalra (University of Warwick, UK)

                                                  18:30-18:40 Concluding remarks

                                                  18:40-19:15 Wine reception

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