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'A good thesis but under-theorised': Where, When and How Does Theory Come Into Doctoral Research

Wed 15 June 2016 | 10am-3pm | Wolfson Research Exchange, Library, University of Warwick
Dr Michael Hammond

This course offers you an opportunity to explore theory and theorising within social research projects. This is an important topic as theory has often been seen as a troubling concept due to the very many different associations made with the term. This event will provide you with an overview of social theory and with examples of how both research students and academics have described the role of theory in their work.

The aims of the event are to:

  • Help you identify the various approaches taken to theorising
  • Evaluate the opportunities and limitations of these approaches
  • Encourage you to be proactive in defining your own stance on theory and how theorising informs your study
Preparation for the session

Participants will be expected to access an online site with case studies, filmed interviews and community resources in advance of the session.

Practical aspects:

The event is for current research degree candidates across the social sciences (but others are welcome to apply). There is no cost.

Buffet lunch and light refreshments provided.

Travel bursaries of up to £50 available for students from other Universities. Please indicate your desire to do apply for a bursary within the booking form.


This event is now full to capacity. Thank you for your interest.