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Governance of Livestock Disease (GoLD)

Governance of Livestock Disease (GoLD)

Welcome to the website for a project funded by RELU on decision-making frameworks in management of livestock disease: interaction of epidemiology, economics and politics, otherwise known as Governance of Livestock Disease. The funding for this project has completed, but the research continues. This website will continue to be updated as our results accrue.

The investigators involved are all at the University of Warwick:

The project employed three post-doctoral researchers:

  • Dr Justin Greaves: Department of Political Science
  • Dr David Carslake: School of Life Sciences (currently at Bristol University Medical School)
  • Dr Habtu Weldegebriel: Department of Economics (formerly at SAC)

We are studying the interaction between epidemiology, politics, economics and law in determining the patterns of livestock disease. We are going to concentrate on endemic diseases of cattle. The project ran from November 2007 to November 2010.

The overall aim is to develop an interdisciplinary framework to elucidate the governance of livestock diseases (i.e. the reciprocal impacts of dynamic changes to epidemiology, policy, law and economy) in order better to inform stakeholders of the potential impact of different policy and regulatory changes.


The project has contributed a number of academic publications, consultations to government and other reports. These can be found in the Results pages. The final report summarises the outcomes from the project.

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