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GoLD Stakeholders

Farmers, public (e.g. consumers), retailers (e.g. supermarkets), elected representatives (e.g. MPs, NFU), veterinarians, government officials (e.g. EU, DEFRA, SEERAD), government agencies (e.g. VLA, Animal Health Agency, FSA).

How do these groups interact, decisions get made and policy enacted?

We aim to get a holistic understanding and put the different processes in their proper context.

We are seeking to establish the parameters of the policy network, who the key actors are, whether they are clustered in any way and whether there are actors who do not directly interact with each other.

"Think of a Shakespeare play in which not all the characters may meet each other, at least not until the finale".

If you believe that you are a stakeholder, and not included in the list, or believe that we have not appreciated a particular subtlety, contact us using the email link at the bottom of the page.