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Academic Publications

This page contains a list of the articles and papers that we have published.

Academic Papers

  • Grant, W. (2009) 'Intractable Policy Failure: The Case of Bovine TB and Badgers', British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol 11, No. 4, pp. pp. 557-73. The article can be accessed from the BJPIR website. Click here
  • Greaves, J. and Grant. W. (2010) 'Crossing the Interdisciplinary Divide: Political Science and Biological Science', Political Studies, Vol 58, No 2, pp. 320-339. The article can be accessed from the Political Studies website. Click here
  • Carslake, D., Cave, J., Grant, W., Greaves, J., Green, L., Keeling, M., McEldowney, J., Medley, G. & Weldegebriel, H. (2010) Animal health and welfare: a case study of science, law and policy in a regulatory environment. Law, Science and Policy 3, 227-255. Click here
  • Carslake, D., Grant, W., Green, L.E., Cave, J., Greaves, J., Keeling, M.J., McEldowney, J., Weldegebriel, H. & Medley, G.F. (2011) Endemic Cattle Diseases: Multi-pathogen Epidemiology and Governance. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B 366, 1975-1986. Click here for journal issue (the paper becomes more freely available one year after publication)


  • Wilkinson, K., Medley G. and Mills, P. (2009) Policy-making for animal and plant diseases: a changing landscape?. RELU Policy and Practice Note.
  • Medley, G., Cassidy, A. and Grant, W. (2010) Bovine tuberculosis: a problem for farmers, conservationists and policymakers. RELU Policy and Practice Note.

Other Articles

  • Greaves, J., Carslake, D., Weldegebriel, H. and Medley, G. (2009) 'Governance of Livestock Disease: Interdisciplinarity as Complexity', in Complexity: a collection of essays from the University of Warwick exploring the theme of complexity'. The University of Warwick. Available online here