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Background to Global People

The Global People resources have been designed for those who are planning and running international projects and who feel a need for guidance in developing intercultural awareness and competence. Global People has its origins in a major educational project, the eChina-UK Programme, that created new collaborations between UK and Chinese Higher Education Institutions around the development of e-learning materials. The rich intercultural learning that emerged from that programme prompted the development of a new and evidence-based set of resources for other individuals and institutions undertaking international collaborative projects. Since the completion of that project, the Global People team has continued to undertake applied research in the field of intercultural collaboration, most recently with regard to developing intercultural competencies in university students to improve their performance and employability.

Although the main focus of the work is on intercultural effectiveness in international contexts, we believe that many of the resources have a more general value and are useful for those planning collaboration in any situation of diversity – national, regional, sectoral or institutional.

To learn more about the background to the original Global People project, watch the video clip below.