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Knowledge and Ideas


Knowledge & Ideas
yuvarlak.gifAware of the need to gather information about unfamiliar cultures and interested to do so.
yuvarlak.gif Uses a range of strategies to gather relevant information, including:
 tick.gif Seeks out and finds helpful books and documents;
 tick.gif Observes behaviour;
 tick.gif Asks explicit questions
 tick.gif Asks ‘cultural informants’
New thinking yuvarlak.gifOpen to new ideas
yuvarlak.gif Seeks new insights and ways of understanding issues
yuvarlak.gif Challenges conventional thinking
yuvarlak.gif Extends thinking beyond own field of knowledge
yuvarlak.gif Regularly updates and modifies opinions in the light of new information or evidence
Goal orientation yuvarlak.gifInterested in other people’s goals and seeks to find out about them
yuvarlak.gif Maintains a focus on own goals and does not compromise too easily
yuvarlak.gif Willing to take other people’s goals into account and to balance own and other’s goals when needed
yuvarlak.gif Holds realistic expectations
yuvarlak.gifShares and surfaces the different perspectives that people have about a problem
yuvarlak.gif Facilitates group members in reconciling and integrating different approaches
yuvarlak.gif Stimulates creative and synergistic solutions and procedures


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