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Warwick Integration Summit 2012 Presentations

Morning Plenaries

  • Integration. What are we trying to achieve? Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey, Director of the Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick. View Video Pdf of presentation

    Abstract: In this talk I question what we are trying to achieve when we aim at integration. Frequently, the activities for promoting integration focus on encouraging greater interaction between people from diverse backgrounds. But is this sufficient? Will it achieve the 'global graduate' that so many universities are now aiming at? Drawing on insights from the intercultural field, I argue that we need to go a step further and engage at a deeper level with the notion of difference, asking oursleves (i.e. university/SU staff as well as students) some fundamental questions about adaptation, change and personal/institutional growth and development.

  • Integration. Experiences at Queen Mary London. Professor Susan Dilly, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning, Queen Mary, University of London. View Video Pdf of presentation


Afternoon Plenaries

  • Measuring the impact of internationalisation activities on students' intercultural competence. Dr Darla Deardorff (by video conference), Duke University. View Video Pdf of handout.

    Abstract: Internationalising the student experience in order to develop students' intercultural competence has become a key issue for universities and students' unions worldwide. In this talk, I will review some of the 'myths' around intercultural contact and the measures that have been used to assess the impact of internationalisation activities that are deemed beneficial to developing students' intercultural competence. I will explore some lessons learned in assessing intercultural learning and development and the role assessment plays in strategically internationalising our campuses.

  • Why integrate? Understanding and enhancing students motivations. Dr Ema Ushioda, Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick. View Video Pdf of presentation

    Abstract: Drawing on current perspectives in applied linguistics, I will focus on the complexities of what motivates people to engage with others from different language and cultural backgrounds. I will consider the role of internal factors (personal interests, needs, expectations, goals, values, priorities) and external factors (social and environmental influences, structures, activities, expectations, values, opportunities) and discuss how motivation develops best when there is a healthy interaction between internal and external factors. I will outline implications for strengthening such interaction and for thus understanding, supporting and enhancing students' diverse motivations for integration.

  • Holistic approaches to creating a more culturally inclusive campus. Beatrice Merrick, Director of Services and Research at the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA). View Video Pdf of presentation

    Abstract: We all aspire to creating inclusive campuses where students of all nationalities meet, mix and develop their intercultural competence. But how do we move from piecemeal initiatives to a whole of institution approach? How do we assess what interventions will be suited to the circumstances of our own institutions, and how do we measure the outcomes of those internventions? In this session, I will help delegates to frame the questions they need to ask in developing a plan of action.



  • Best practice in understanding and enhancing students' motivations for integration. Led by Jo Holliday (Sheffield SU) and Bethan Payne (NUS). Pdf of presentation
  • Best practice in measuring the impact of internationalisation activities on integration and the internationalised student experience. Led by Leo Boe (Warwick SU) and Stephen Williams (International Office, University of Warwick) Pdf of presentation