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The Global Student

Supporting the development of intercultural competencies in university students

The aim of The Global Student area of this site is to provide ideas, tools and links for anyone wishing to help university students to develop their ability to work successfully across cultures. At the heart of this material are the insights and competencies developed in the Global People project (which focused on professionals) but the materials have been tailored here to increase their suitability for use with students in Higher Education.

The three research outputs are available on this website in the Global People Resource Bank. They are:

blue square "Internationalisation in the UK HE sector: a competency-based approach": this paper is based on the main research project report and has been extensively revised for inclusion on this site and for the needs of an external audience. It outlines common approaches to internationalisation; reviews the strategies adopted to develop international or intercultural capabilities; presents an argument for a competency-based approach; and describes the initiatives instigated at the University of Warwick.

blue square Competency Framework: a modified version of the full Global People Intercultural Competencies set, this Global Student competency framework presents a selection of core competencies that could be used to develop awareness and competence in undergraduate or graduate students. The competencies are organised into a framework that aims to reflect the main stages of the student experience. A short introduction to using the framework is included in The Global Student area.

blue square Student Survey: a short research paper reporting data produced through a survey of Warwick undergraduates. This survey was carried out in collaboration with colleagues at Warwick working on other aspects of the ‘Graduate Pledge’ project. The report included here covers just the data relating to the international experience of the undergraduate respondents and may be a useful source of comparison for surveys at other institutions.


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