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Effective Transition in History from School to HE

Enabling Effective Transition in History: Developing Guidance for Schools and HE.

Friday 11th June at the NCVO in London

Draft workshop programme

9.30 Tea & coffee available



Brief explanation of the format for the day and anticipated outcomes
Focus talk: the key issues of transition and how we can best support prospective students in the choice to study history at HE.

10.30 What does a good A Level student look like?




Split into 5 mixed break-out groups (approx 8 per group), each with a facilitator.

Groups to discuss points raised by the speaker(s) on the abilities we expect of a good student, will a good A level student automatically make a good HE student, and what is an A*

11.30 Coffee
11.45 Groups report back
12.15 Knowledge transition


Groups to discuss the key points on breadth of knowledge at A Level, learning styles in schools and HE.
1.15 LUNCH
2.00 Groups report back
2.30 Admissions.


Groups to discuss key issues of HE interviews, personal statements, additional guidance on looking at different universities and courses.
3.30 Groups report back


Final discussion on what are the key findings of the day and how best to disseminate information to schools and HEIs.
4.30 Finish


For administration and catering purposes, would all speakers and delegates please use the booking form below to register for this event: