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Teaching the Crusades: A Report on a Session at the 2009 International Medieval Congress

Author: Kimm Curran and Jason Roche

Type: Conference Report


This is a report on a session at the International Medieval Congress, held at the University of Leeds 13-16 July 2009. The theme for the conference was Heresy and Orthodoxy. The session discussed the difficulty of teaching the crusades to undergraduate students.

"The crusades are often viewed as ‘emotive, controversial and difficult’ to teach based on assumptions and misconceptions of what crusades actually were, who went on crusade, and causes of crusade. Undergraduates often have (mis)-perceptions of the crusades and crusading ideals based on popular culture and films, media, and their exposure (or lack thereof) to this subject. This session brings together early career academics who have done ground breaking research in this field and/or have taught this subject in schools or university. It will introduce innovative and alternative approaches to teaching an often complex and challenging period of medieval history."

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