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History Graduates with Impact

Editor: Lisa Lavender

Type: Briefing Report

History Graduates with Impact 

The over-arching project (of which this publication forms only part) was instigated in response to the challenges facing history in higher education. The History Subject Centre has taken seriously its role to support innovation and highlight impact in the teaching of our discipline. As a result, a number of projects were funded in 2009-11 to advance the understanding of key aspects of impact, engagement and employability for those studying history in the UK. In addition, academics noted for their work in this field were approached to revisit their research in the changing landscape, enabling us to pool the expertise of a range of project leaders in a comprehensive exploration of increasingly important aspects of teaching and learning in the humanities.

Its primary aim was to combine case studies on teaching with in depth survey and research analysis on the impact that the study of history at HE level can provide for its graduates. The resulting collection reveals insights that will hopefully provide faculties, departments and individual academics at all levels with innovative approaches, examples of impact and evidencebased ideas for taking teaching in new directions.

It was always the intention to develop a complementary website to enhance the information in this publication where relevant. Many additional resources and links to good practice in UK institutions can be found on the website:

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