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Student Produced Podcasts: Assessing the Pedagogy of Podcasting

Author: Jan Oosthoek

Type: Case Study


This project explored the potential of podcasting technology for developing presentation and web-based skills in undergraduate history programmes, by incorporating podcasting into an undergraduate environmental history module at Newcastle University. Podcasting technology has been increasingly used to distribute audio content to wide audiences but its broader benefits of student produced podcasts to undergraduate student learning have not been considered. Students were asked to produce a ten-minute podcast related to a research essay in the manner of a radio broadcast in which important findings are explained in simple language. A straightforward technical guide to the use of podcasting technology in undergraduate modules has been produced and is available on the project website ( The use of student-produced podcasts offers an original and innovative approach to learning and teaching with learning opportunities attractive to students from different backgrounds, cultures and with different learning styles. As a learning activity the project demonstrated that the open, democratic and collaborative power of present Web technology could extend students’ learning experiences and enabled groups to create stimulating and creative learning environments. In general podcasting is a stimulating, creative experience for both students and staff and is very suitable for course work and as a means of assessment.

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