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Failure and Learning amongst Arts and Humanities Students

Author: Robert O'Toole

Type: Case Study

Failure and Learning

This is an interim report on an investigation that was commissioned by the Higher Education Academy History Subject Centre at the University of Warwick. It was motivated by an informed hunch – that although most people acknowledge the importance of failure in learning, many students fail to exploit the rich opportunities to learn from their small failures - encountered often in their studies – especially in the challenge-rich environment of Arts and Humanities subjects. It is the start of a process of discovery, a process that we hope will lead to new practices and new approaches, to help students to make the most of failure. The report will lead to further investigations, in the form of follow-up surveys, focus groups, interviews and design experiments – including technology experiments.

The survey is available on-line, to view the questions or to add a further contribution to the large data set:

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