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The Enlightenment

Author: Ralph McLean

Type: Teaching guide

The Enlightenment

If the Enlightenment has a motto, then it must surely be Immanuel Kant’s imperative, ‘Dare to know!’ But what was it that Kant dared mankind to know? The answer, it appeared, was everything. As one of the greatest intellectual awakenings in Western history, the Enlightenment offered new perspectives upon such diverse topics as: political theory; economics; science and medicine; hilosophy; education; literature; and history. It also sought to provide answers to questions about the development and progress of human nature. Indeed, it was hoped that all this accumulated knowledge, spread over a multitude of disciplines, would ultimately improve the lives of mankind and provide practical results that would serve in the general progress of humanity. This guide provides an overview of the most popular topics covered under the theme of "The Enlightenment", including extensive bibliographies.

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