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Home and Away: Internationalisation and First Year Transition in HE History

Author: Melodee Beals

Type: Conference Presentation

History Passion Project

In the past, international students have been thought of as “canaries in a coal mine”, suggesting that they are the particularly vulnerable to transitional difficulties and that the extra consideration they are given when designing modules would improve not only their experience, but the transition of all students. In order to test the applicability of this concept to HE History undergraduates, the International Students in History study (2009-2010) sampled a wide variety of student types throughout the UK on a wide variety of topics, including previous experiences, expectations of university, adjustment to novel teaching, learning and assessment methods, diversity and perceptions of employability. The results of this survey suggested that some of the shared trials and tribulations of first year students and identified possible steps to improve first year transition throughout. This session will explore some of the main themes raised by this study and provide a forum for developing these insights into practical adjustments to current undergraduate teaching and academic support.

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