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Publications Available from HEA History

History at the Higher Education Academy has provided the History community with a variety of publication on teaching methods, research skills and pedagogical research. In addition to our teaching and research series, Historical Insights, we also published stand-alone case studies and briefing reports on teaching in History HE. For information, please see below.

Following the closure of the Subject Centre, hard-copy publication enquiries should be directed to: , or call: 01904 717500


Historical Insights

Focus on Teaching 

Focus on Teaching

History at the Higher Education Academy has launched a new series of teaching guides entitled Historical Insights: Focus on Teaching. Each will provide guidance on how to approach teaching specific topics as well as examples of key themes and class materials.

Focus on Research

Focus on Research

History at the Higher Education Academy and the Institute of Historical Research has launched a new series of research guides entitled Historical Insights: Focus on Research. These guides detail new or under-used sources and methodologies and help historians integrate them into their research.


Briefing Reports

Each year, history at the HEA commissions several Briefing Reports on topics of interert to the HE History Community. These papers offer in-depth information and advice on how to deal with particular topics. Please contact us if there is a subject that you would like covered by a briefing paper or you would like to offer one for publication. A full back-catalogue of these reports are currently located in our eLibrary.

History Graduates with Impact

History Graduates with Impact

Editted by Lisa Lavender

The over-arching project (of which this publication forms only part) was instigated in response to the challenges facing history in higher education. The History Subject Centre has taken seriously its role to support innovation and highlight impact in the teaching of our discipline. As a result, a number of projects were funded in 2009-11 to advance the understanding of key aspects of impact, engagement and employability for those studying history in the UK. In addition, academics noted for their work in this field were approached to revisit their research in the changing landscape, enabling us to pool the expertise of a range of project leaders in a comprehensive exploration of increasingly important aspects of teaching and learning in the humanities. Its primary aim was to combine case studies on teaching with in depth survey and research analysis on the impact that the study of history at HE level can provide for its graduates. The resulting collection reveals insights that will hopefully provide faculties, departments and individual academics at all levels with innovative approaches, examples of impact and evidencebased ideas for taking teaching in new directions.


History Departments and the National Student Survey

By Alexandra Cronberg

The following report presents results from an analysis of the 2010 National Student Survey (NSS). It aims to present these averages in a comparative fashion so as to understand the relative student perceptions of history departments across all institutions, particular strengths and weaknesses suggested by the NSS results and any patterning in these respects which is identifiable across different institutional groupings and regions of the country.

Schhol and Transition guide

History in Schools and Higher Education: enhancing the study of our subject and understanding the transition to HE

Edited by Lisa Lavender Second Edition

This report aims to highlight practical ways in which teachers in schools and HE can further the interest and study of history at senior school and HE level. It provides background information on current school and HE practices and case studies by staff and students from the history community to encourage collaboration, a better understanding of study requirements at university level and effective preparation for transition.

International Students in History

International Students in History: A Comparative Study of First-Year Transition

By M. H. Beals

Based on an extensive survey of first year students in History courses throughout the UK, this report provides history lecturers, tutors and pastoral staff new disciplinary perspectives on the first year experience of international and home undergraduates and new avenues for discussion with their peers and students on first year transition.

Building Inclusive Academic Communities

Building Inclusive Academic Communities: Case Studies in History, Classics and Archaeology

Edited by Kimm Curran and Lisa Lavender

This collection shows the active involvement and rich knowledge of discipline-relevant CETL work and the wider communities in History, Classics and Archaeology, on areas such as e-learning and employability: key themes in the work of the HCA and Higher Education Academy.
The case studies provide future faculty members with examples of good academic practice by those who have experience in the field, but also by those who are ‘new to the game’ and have tried innovative approaches to teaching their subject(s). Participants have varied approaches to teaching and learning within their subject areas and provide examples of the successes (and pitfalls) of trying something ‘new’ or ‘tried and true’.



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Twice a year, we publish a hard-copy newletter detailing the work of the Subject Centre and highlighting the History community's involvement in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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