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Project Partners & Contributors

The project will be led by De Montfort University, with collaboration from the University of Warwick and London Metropolitan University.


Project Team

Project Director Professor Alasdair Blair (De Montfort University, NTF 2006). Head of the Department of Historical and Social Studies and former Director of C-SAP Subject Centre.

Dr. Sarah Richardson (Associate Professor University of Warwick and former History Director of HCA Subject Centre of HEA).

Mr Steven Curtis (Senior Lecturer in International Relations, London Metropolitan University).

Lisa Lavender (former Academic Co-ordinator at the History Subject Centre) is providing project manager support for the final year of the project at Warwick. Her role will involved further student interviews and analysis of this research for inclusion in publications on audio feedback and feedback dialogue in History.

Mark Goodwin (Research Assistant) is responsible for day-to-day work of the project at De Montfort.

Cascade Partners:

The project has recruited a number of cascade partners to trial innovative feedback practices.

Nick Robinson (Politics, Leeds) is carrying out student focus groups to evaluate the use of audio feedback and to present findings at ISA San Diego (April 2012) and BSA-ISA Edinburgh (June 2012).

Simon Moralee (Health Care Management, DMU) is trialling an exercise in peer feedback based on exemplar essays, including focus groups for students to evaluate the trial.

Jonathan Taylor (Creative Writing, DMU) is trialling peer feedback approaches using peer response groups.

Chris Goldsmith (Politics/IR, DMU) is trialling peer feedback on formative essays using Blackboard during 2011/2012. Presenting on this at ISA San Diego (April 2012).

Alun Wyburn-Powell (History, DMU) has conducted a series of questionnaires and focus groups with History students with a focus on exam feedback. Alun has trialled an exercise using exemplar exams with extensive reports made available to the project.

Will Curtis/Jane McDonnell (Education Studies, DMU) has been trialling appraoches to democratic/collaborative assessment and feedback. Hosting an open conference at DMU on the theme of "Democratic Learning Conversations", December 2011.