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Documents from Open-space Learning

  Name Description Keywords
Act 3 Performance for Embedded Undergraduate Learning in Critical Creativity
Adam Slavny OSL evaluation report Adam Slavny, OSL case study, lead learners
Adam Slavny report PG lead learner report OSL case study, lead learners
Adam Slavny, postgraduate researcher, final report Discursive studetn research report on OSL OSL, lead learners
Audit report on OSL by LDC audit of OSL evaluation and impact report OSL
Bibliography of Open-space learning
CILM student focus group transcript CILM, OSL case study
CILM students reflecton the relation between writing and performance student reflection on OSL OSL case study, CILM
Chemistry Lead learner report 2 Chemistry, Lead learners
Chemistry lead learner report Chemistry lead learner
Copy of bibliography_of_open-space_learning_by_barry_shiels_final.pdf
Copy of enactive_embodied_and_kinaesthetic_learning_in_business_studies.pdf
David Hall, lead learner report Psychiatry lead learner report OSL case study, psychiatry
Ideas of Freedom, Lead Learners' report Student researchers report on OSL workshops OSL case study, Philosophy, lead learners
Lead learners' report, Ideas of Freedom philosophy lead learners' report OSL, OSL case study, Philosophy
NTFS bid
OSL evaluation report audit Osl report audit OSL
Open-space Learning in Philosophy
Phil-lit lead learner report lead learner report, Philosophy and lIterature OSL case study, lead learners, Philosophy
Philosophy and Literature Lead learner, Final report Student research report OSL case study, Philosophy
Proposal for IATL Pedagogic Intervention mathematics
Psychiatry Lead Learner, Final report Student researcher reports on OSl and Psychiatry project OSL case study, lead learners, psychiatry, ensemble
Psychiatry Lead learner, testimonial Student researcher reflects on his role OSL case study, lead learners
Psychiatry, Performance and Play
REpresenting Otherness: Workshop series outline Programme of OSL workshop series OSL case study, representing the other
Rachel King on OSL and CILM CILM, lead learners, teaching practice, OSL case study
Rachel King, CILM workshop notes Short plan for CILM workshop OSL case study, CILM, lead learners
Real World Chemistry
Representing Otherness: interview with PhD participant PhD student reflects on OSL projects OSL case study, Cultural studies, PhD
Rpresenting Otherness Course Outline
Slavny PG Co-ordinator report Lead learner, Adam Slavny
Workshop notes by Ceara Williams Ideas of Freedom workshop described OSL case study, Philosophy, lead learners
ceara Rice, lead learner workshop report OsL Lead learner report of Philosophy workshop OSL, lead learners
flipchart_notes.pdf Notes from the Flipchart taken on OSL planning day
osl_web_sitemap.pdf Sitemap diagram
rachel king, CILM, session notes CILM introductory session OSL case study, CILM