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About Us

What is the Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research?

Our mental health research is influencing healthcare, informing policy and improving lives.

The Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research (CMHWR) unites a large community of researchers across all faculties at Warwick, as well as collaborators in local government, healthcare and regional businesses. There is a fusion of expertise from a broad range of disciplines including computer science, history, mathematics, social sciences, psychology, medicine, business, engineering and economics.

Centre Director, Professor Singh, said "The Centre brings together academics from many disciplines across the university with shared interests in a wide range of mental health research areas. This is an opportune and exciting opportunity for us to capitalise on national and international interests, and emerging opportunities."

The CMHWR is distinctive from other national centres in its focus on the needs of young people and vulnerable populations, including in mental health services, the criminal justice system, social care and looked-after children, global mental health, and employment. Additional areas of interest are mental health aspects of bullying, eating disorders, domestic violence , ethnicity, disability and neuro-rehabilitation. Unusually, compared to other national centres, CMHWR also has acknowledged expertise in the design of analytical techniques and behavioural interventions that can be applied to mental health research and practice, including ground-breaking work in digital interventions.

CMHWR partners health service improvement initiatives, internationally (eg through the NIHR-funded project TRANSFORM), nationally (e.g. Launchpad Initiative input for the UK Government Green Paper on youth mental health), regionally (e.g. WM-ARC, AHSN, Midlands Health Initiative) and locally (e.g. NHS Trusts such as CWPT, BSMHFT, FTB, SSSFT). These partnerships provide direct routes to impact for our mental health research.

Our areas of research

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

From early screening of anxiety disorders to learning difficulties to emotional wellbeing in schools and university, this Research Theme incorporates research from multiple disciplines and involves various stakeholders. Read more...

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

The workplace plays a key role in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of employees. The Midlands Engine Mental Health and Productivity Pilot project involves stakeholders from across the Midlands and is led by the University of Warwick. Read more...

Global Mental Health

Our Global Mental Health research seeks to provide country and situation specific solutions to promote well-being, prevent and treat mental illnesses, and bring about societal changes across the world. Read more...

Collaborate with us

At the Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research, we collaborate with researchers, industry partners, policy makers, charity and governments. Are you interested in working with us? Find out how.