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Mental Health and Wellbeing of Apprentices


Apprenticeships offer a valuable solution to address skills gaps and enhance productivity for businesses. They also provide apprentices with the opportunity to gain practical skills, experience, and a salary.

There is currently an important research gap on the impacts on wellbeing of the dual responsibility of being a full-time employee and student.

In a recent survey of apprentices studying at level 6 or level 7, 80% (of 121 respondents) reported ‘a great deal of concern’ regarding juggling work and study. This emphasises the need for further research across sectors and levels of study.

Additionally, juggling work and study life with personal and family life may present a unique set of challenges. Although there are existing organisations that offer support to apprentices, there is a heavy focus on signposting to other resources or paid services, and the support offered is not informed by evidence on the experiences of apprentices.

Current Research

The current research is an anonymised survey designed to ask apprentices about their experiences regarding their experiences of being an apprentice, how well they are managing to juggle work and study and their wellbeing. The survey was co-designed with apprentice leads and apprentices including The Apprentice Panel at the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

The survey is open to all apprentices, regardless of level or industry; the findings will lead to novel insights on how apprentices are faring, identify stressors to wellbeing. and understand what kind of additional support may be useful for apprentices.

Research Team:

Based at Warwick Medical School and Coventry University and in collaboration with the MHPP.

Significance of this Research

Are there certain sectors where there are bigger gaps in wellbeing provision for apprentices?

Does being an apprentice in certain sectors impact wellbeing more than other sectors?

Are there subgroups of apprentices who struggle more with their wellbeing due to their personal or social circumstances?

Results from this survey may offer answers to these and other questions.

Get Involved

If you are currently doing an apprenticeship you can take part in the survey by clicking hereLink opens in a new window.

If you know any apprentices who might be interested in taking part in this research, please share this link: opens in a new window

Or ask them to scan this QR code:

survey QR code

The survey will be open from 16th October 2023 to 18th February 2024.